Yes, I’m afraid I did!

In August, I entered my tawny frog mouth pastel ‘Who, me?’ Who Me - Tawny Frogmouthsinto Warburton’s inaugural art show ‘Off the Wall’.  And was totally thrilled to hear that out of over 600 entries, judge Robert Knight awarded my entry ‘Best in Show’.  So delighted was I, that I dropped my winning entry, smashing the frame and it’s now currently at the framers!

When it comes back re-framed, it will go on loan to Oscars on the Yarra to hang with three other of my paintings, all of which are for sale.

To enquire about commissioning a painting or having one on loan for your venue, feel free to give me a ring on 03 5962 3950 or 0408 351 700, or email me via the contact form.