Nothing beats being commissioned to do a pet portrait, it’s an honour as it sadly sometimes means the four legged friend is no longer with us.  As a dog owner and lover of animals I have painted wildlife and birds my whole life and have studied their form closely: the way they lie, cock their head, their poise and stare and I work tirelessly to capture the spirit and true character in each creature I paint.

Jack, Jess & IshyWhen possible I love to meet my subject, and his or her owner but more often than not I work from a series of photographs which help me get to know each animal’s personality and achieve as true a likeness as possible.

Denise Smith artist pet portraitI work in a range of mediums, in oils, acrylic or pastel and I’m happy to spend time getting to know owners about their special friend so that their portrait will be a much treasured painting.

Denise Smith artist pet portraitsIf you have a pet that you’d love a portrait of or would like to give this as a gift to a friend, give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s discuss what you’re after in more detail – after all Christmas is coming and this could make a gorgeous gift for a dog lover.  :-)

denise smith pet portrait artist